The Best Oven Baked Chicken and Rice Recipe

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Welcome Everyone to my Channel and thanks for watching We had so much fun making this recipe for you all Everyone needs a good old recipe for Delicious Chicken and rice well Guess what this is the recipe you will love to eat and make for your loved ones. and its also so easy to make.
I can't wait to hear to comments once you all taste this Baked Chicken And Rice.
If any of you want to learn how to cook this is the channel because I love to teach people how to cook in Detail I enjoy sharing my Recipes with you all If you all haven't Subscribed make sure you Subscribe and don't forget to click the notification Bell tot be Notified when I upload new Content.
I love you all from the Bottom of my heart thank you all for watching now get in that kitchen and make you some Delicious Baked Chicken and Rice Gina Young Style Enjoy God bless you all.
sweet onions
red bell peppers
salt chicken powder garlic powder paprika parsley flakes italian seasoning lemon pepper
chicken broth
a little milk to thin out gravy
soy sauce
2 can cream of chicken
chicken wings
step by step tutorial
God Bless Enjoy
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