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”Planet of Food”は



制作:島津秀泰(Hideyasu Shimazu)、Kenichi Iwabuchi


アライグマ・・・Cydonie Brown(シドニーさん)青森県にある三沢基地の海軍で3年勤務の経験を持つ。大阪の道頓堀で暮らしていた時期があり、日本の在住歴は14年。現在は、アメリカ コネチカット州在住。

白イルカ・・・Shoko Tomita 大阪生まれ。小さい頃から生き物が好きで特に海の生き物に惹かれて近畿大学の水産学科を卒業。その後名古屋で魚屋を経験したのち現在は東京で事務職をしながら趣味として魚を愛でる日々。まだ、独身ですが、魚への愛情を買って今回、異例の抜擢。InstagramなどSNSで魚の行動学に関する情報を主に発信しています。

シャム猫・・・Kanako Tahara(カナコさん)千葉県船橋市生まれ。大学卒業後、横浜で留学エージェント/カウンセラーとして勤務。激務で体調を壊しオーストラリア勤務の夢を逃す。学生の頃、留学先で出会った主人と結婚後は大阪四條畷市に8年、千葉県市川市に4年間住み、現在はタイバンコクに駐在妻として滞在約2年半。2013年ドイツ3ヶ月間の滞在中に自分の会社起業に向けて、新規提携先となる機関へ当時4歳と2歳の娘を連れて契約を結び歩く。2014年念願の留学エージェントを起業し「Welt留学サポート」として活動スタート。異国の文化を知ることが大好きでホームステイなども積極的に受け入れている。

Planet of Food
The concept of "Planet of Food" is "Life is more fun when you know the world's cuisine! Planet of Food" is a project that invites three housewives who live in different parts of the world to share information about food and cross-cultural exchange.

Twitter: @PlanetofFood1

BGM: "MusMus

Production: Hideyasu Shimazu, Kenichi Iwabuchi

<This month's theme: My Best Food of 2021>

〇Cydonie will introduce New Year's Eve Soba. From there, we will discuss the unique Japanese way of eating soba.
〇Mayumi introduced a soy milk-like drink from her hometown in Sasebo, Japan.

<This time's performers
Raccoon... Cydonie Brown (Sydney) has three years of experience serving in the Navy at Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture. She lived in Dotonbori, Osaka for a while and has been living in Japan for 14 years. She currently lives in Connecticut, USA.

White dolphin・・・Shoko Tomita Born in Osaka, Japan. She has loved living things since she was a child, and was especially attracted to sea creatures. She graduated from the Fisheries Department of Kinki University. After graduating from Kinki University with a degree in fisheries, she worked as a fishmonger in Nagoya, and now works as an office worker in Tokyo, while loving fish as a hobby. She is still single, but her love for fish made her an exceptional choice for this position, and she mainly provides information on fish behavior on SNS such as Instagram.
Instagram: aomino_aquarium

White Cat・・・Kanako Tahara (Kanako) was born in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture. After graduating from university, she worked as a study abroad agent/counselor in Yokohama. After graduating from university, she worked as a study abroad agent/counselor in Yokohama, but she fell ill and missed her dream of working in Australia due to hard work. After marrying my husband, whom she met while studying abroad as a student, we lived in Shijonawate, Osaka for 8 years, Ichikawa, Chiba for 4 years, and now I am living in Bangkok, Thailand as an expatriate wife for about 2.5 years. In 2014, she started her dream of becoming a study abroad agent and started working as "Welt Study Abroad Support". She loves to learn about other cultures and actively accepts homestays.
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