I ATE THE FULL MENU for Singapore Food Festival 2021! | Singapore Street Food Eating Challenge!

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For this episode, we ate through Singapore Food Festival 2021! This festival aims to promote Singapore’s rich and multicultural food culture with this year’s theme being “Savour Singapore in Every Bite”, running from 27th August to 12th September. Normally filled with a multitude of physical events, this year it has gone largely online. SFF 2021 offers tours, workshops and masterclasses, with 18 live masterclasses (9 are free-to-view) available on the SFF Facebook page.

A masterclass involves the creator of a dish showcasing how it’s made, akin to a cooking show. Part of the experience is ordering the hot cooked food that is prepared during the masterclass or getting a food kit where you can try whipping up the dish yourself, allowing you to eat-along and learn from the experts directly.

In this spirit, we ordered 15 dishes from SFF 2021 to try at home! Here is a list with links to more information:

1) Tigerlily Patisserie's The Buabka - Buah Keluak in a Babka

2) Kotuwa's Sri Lankan Prawn Curry with Pol Sambol and Yellow Rice

3) Koutwa’s Poricha Erachi

4) Fishball Story's Hakka Yong Tau Foo Kit

5) Love, Afare's 'Cerealy' Cold-hearted Prawn Rolls

6) Love, Afare's Black Pepper 'Pra-ta' Bag

7) KIAP's Bun Cha Taco with Omni Meat's (Plant Based) Omni Mince

8) Sichuan Alley's Mala Chilli Crab Noodles

9) Birds of a Feather's Sichuanese Lobster Rojak Kueh Pie Tee

10) Rumah Makan Minang’s Padang-style Burrito

11) Rumah Makan Minang’s Satay Padang Burrito

12) Chef Eric Neo's Salmon and Scallop Mousse 'Wonton'

13) Chef Bjorn Shen's Sweet Sticky Chicken Wings

14) LiHO TEA’s Singa-Pandan Lime (available at LiHO TEA)

15) LiHO TEA’s Singa-Pandan Shake (available at LiHO TEA)

Check out everything else SFF 2021 has to offer at singaporefoodfestival.sg! Hot food items from live masterclasses will be available until 17th September.

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