DELICIOUS!!! Celery Root Creme Soup/ВКУСНЕЙШИЙ Крем-Суп из Корня Сельдерея

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One more favourite soup - Celery Root Creme Soup!

All these cream-soups are made quite similar:
You sautee onions, add chopped vegetables and sautee it for a couple of minutes (potato, celery root, pumpkin, sweet potato - anything you have at home!), then add broth (I usually take vegetable broth), cook until tender. And in the end you puree cooked vegetables, add heavy cream and salt/spices.
Voilla! that's it!

Serve in a nice bowl cozy! Here is the video-tutorial about how to make one:

I absolutely love these soups in Autumn and Winter! Warm comfort food for cold days! Just perfect!

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Have a great weekend everyone!
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