[Car camping] Thai-style grilled chicken eating car camp | DIY light truck camper | 73

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Episode 73: I stayed in the car with my own light truck camper. This time we are staying in the car on weekday nights. After 5 adventure car night. Please take a look.

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◆ Self-made light camper omnibus
◆ Overnight playlist
◆ Light camper DIY playlist
◆ Other Living Playlist
◆ List of BGM used
Shooting equipment SONY α7c
Editing software Adobe Premiere Pro
music by https://artlist.io/
RV for sale Van Pop up trailer campers
Light truck camper mobile house Light truck camper Light truck camper mobile house production Camper DIY Light truck camper Camp Sumber truck Journey Country life Tiny house Van life Car night trailer house Hut mat bed Car battery suitable for car night trip Roadside station light car heating shell used
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